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Each time when I turn and look,

Same is the feeling that overcomes me.

In them I see a wide-open book,

Hiding a small, harmless mystery.


    Children’s laughter in them I see,

    The ring of a distant mountain bell;

    A gentle wind in boundless ecstasy,

    With secret stories to tell.


They speak the language of pastures green,

The magic of tall, swaying trees;

And they to my mind bring pictures clean,

Of innumerable forgotten memories.


    Like stars glimmering in an inky sky,

    A scintillating light they cast;

    And for reasons I know not why,

    They entice me to confine’s past.


In them sleeps the harp of music, hear!

As also the seed of poetry lies;

And above all things, I hold dear,

Those precious pair of eyes!

My First Love


Date: 16th March 2003 | Rhyme Scheme: aabb


It was one lazy afternoon and I with my pals,

Decided to loiter around in the shopping malls.

No, not that we had in mind anything to buy,

But being guys our age, you should know why!


It was here that I saw her and oh my, my!

My heart was aflutter, I knew not why.

The feeling was irrepressible, try hard as I might,

And I have to admit, it was love at first sight.


She had a deeply tanned body with lovely long legs,

Her appearance had the intoxication of a 100 neat pegs.

Lost in her beauty and drunk in this wine,

I dared and spoke and soon she was mine!


Now with her in my life, things altered,

I was certain and sure, where before I had faltered.

My vision in her presence significantly cleared,

And each day to me she became increasingly endeared.


Long walks in the sun became elegantly effortless,

Pals envied me on my new found manliness.

Her very presence to me was cool and soothing,

And day after day, my love for her was growing.


Then Fate did strike a devastating blow,

But it really was my mistake, I know.

Together we went on my bike to the mall,

Little did we expect what would to us befall.


Just a learner was I with fingers green,

Unsteady riding and turnings unclean.

Still we decided and dared to go for it.

Unaware that the destination was a bottomless pit.


The bike sped forward at a steady pace,

Lost was I in her warm embrace.

Then it came, that fateful curve,

Spilling us both in an uncontrolled swerve.


Just one small mistake and that was the end,

Broken and bruised she lay at the bend.

Her fragile constitution was a sight of despair,

The situation truly far beyond repair.


Her loss to me was a bolt from the blue,

My love for her was deep and true.

I spent my days lost in thought,

My nights were sleepless with uncertainties fraught.


Within the confines of my room, I raged against Fate,

Only my deaf pillows heard and they did commiserate.

I cut my outdoor life, without her I felt bare,

And spent silent hours away from its glare.


Both parents and pals were at once concerned,

They tried to set right my world upturned.

But I refused to budge and further withdrew,

Into my world of loneliness and hopes untrue.


Fed up with my stubbornness, sick of my adamancy,

My friends decided to fill the void of her absence.

A new pair of sunglasses they gifted me now.

And the one lost in the accident was forgotten somehow.


Walking in the sun now is again easy as a song,

This new pair has a similarly tanned body and legs long.

Her presence is soothing and full of charm,

As each afternoon she grips me in an embrace warm.


Gone are my fears now, I now dare,

I’m at my best in the mid-day glare.

And believe it or not, behind every successful man,

There’s no goddamn woman, just a pair of Ray-Ban!!!

Ode to idleness

Date of writing: 18th Oct 2001 | Rhyme Scheme: abab


It was a sweet morning in April,

The sun was at his blazing best.

The familiar thrush was singing shrill,

A lazy breeze blew from the west.


Tufts of clouds glided above,

An idle shade they had cast.

Gloomy woods seemed somehow,

A pile of logs sleeping fast.


Fields of corn, rich and yellow,

Lulled away in a trance.

The sky above and the earth below,

Entwined in this somniferous dance.


In sporadic white stood a flock of sheep,

They seemed languid and calm.

Blooming buds in a garb of sleep,

Sent whiffs of this soporific balm.


From my bedside window as I beheld,

In forms subtle and discreet.

The sun, the breeze, the sheep, the cloud,

Asked me in unison, “Isn’t idleness sweet?”



Date of writing: 16th Oct 2001 | Rhyme Scheme: abab


‘Tis a picturesque morn in September late,

The sky above’s a pale, hazy grey.

Every whit of heat has fled the date,

An unalloyed tranquility blesses the day.


The sodden earth is a turf of green,

As far as an eye can wander.

Moss and lichen with a dewy sheen

Race along the hill-track and yonder.


Far in the distance o’er the vale,

Myriad birds chirp their melody.

Butterflies in colors both bright and pale,

Dance together in gleeful rhapsody.


Leaves of trees are a picture-still,

Only an occasional breeze does blow.

Bringing with it from above the hill,

Notes of a musical river’s flow.


If I were to live a day or seven

Or all of life that I hold dear.

I’d spend it all in this joyous haven,

For verily, there’s pleasure here!!